Kinvite Manifesto


Our mission is to change the way we spend our time.

We want more moments of purpose that help us feel something, learn something, connect to others, be open to something more, and inspire real change.

We get distracted and struggle to live up to our values or potential. The internet fills our time with a ton of noise that drowns out the moments that matter most.

We believe in shared moments that are life-affirming, and that better ourselves, and our communities. These moments can and should be great -- moments of togetherness that open our hearts and minds to what’s important to us.

Our work is to help the world discover these moments.



Our Projects

Kinvite App

The Kinvite app is an open-sourced, curated guide to amazing ways to spend your time, namely events for: conscious living, social good, mindfulness, civic engagement, local community building. You get the gist… Go on, get inspired and spend your time well.



Kinvite Tools for Community Organizers (Coming Soon)

We want to fill the world with inspired, amazing events. It’s tough to be a grassroots organizer. We are building tools to help make it easier.


Influential Reads

These readings and articles have informed our approach and how we plan to achieve our mission. We always welcome new ideas on things to read that broaden our perspective. Email us at with your suggestions.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 9.23.47 AM.png

Capped at 11. Bigger ≠ Better.

Sociology, anthropology, religious, and business research shows that groups smaller than 11 are better.

trust group.jpg

How Online Community Feeds Divisiveness and Isolation// How to Rebuild trust

We need to evolve our use of social media to build unity and deepen our relationship to the world.

5 Reasons to Build a Network of Small Groups, Rather than a Mass Movement of Individuals

"An increasing mass of people agree that long term human survival depends on us replacing the status quo with a fundamentally different set of behaviours and structures. I believe the root of that challenge is essentially cultural, and the best place to grow culture is in small groups. And until we’ve got a critical mass of activists that are embedded in a new way of thinking, relating and communicating, any mass movement is going to replicate the errors of the past."