NYC Healing Circle and Cacao Medicine

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135 days ago




It is our honor to invite you to a special Cacao Medicine and Healing Circle event that will purify your body & mind - presented by the NYC Healing Circle and the core members of Shamanic Community Gathering NY

The NYC Healing Circle has been holding events in NYC for over 3 years, offering thousands of healing treatments during this time. Their work is based on the idea that everyone has healing abilities, and by utilizing a special group technique, healing energies can be pooled to create something much greater than the sum of their parts. The group includes several very experienced healers and facilitators, but generally no name of any one person is highlighted, as the emphasis is on the collective nature of the experience and not on any one particular person. A few testimonials from participants:“Truly amazing. One of the most astounding experiences I have encountered. Loved it and plan to participate in many more.”“A wondrously soft and intense experience of connection…very magnetized and in tune.” _About Sacred Cacao:Cacao is the fruit of love; it helps to create a stronger connection with each other, our inner child and the loving energy of Mother Earth.From self-love, to friendship, to the love of community and family, let's celebrate love of every kind.The Mayan Among many other cultures have used sacred cacao Medicine for millennia, to work with the heart’s wisdom and to enhance the heart to be open and receptive. Cacao awakens the energy and strength needed to bring alignment between polarities and to be more grounded.We are looking forward to have a waste free event, we ask you to bring your personal reusable cup. Bring comfortable clothes and a bottle of waterPlease do not drink alcohol or any stimulants at least three hours before and after the Medicine Circle. Tickets:$30 until July 15th$40 after July 15thTo RSVP:PayPayl/Zelle (Friends & Family) Date: Sunday July 28 3-6 PMLocation: Balance Arts Center, 151 West 30th St, Kemp AuditoriumFeel free to message us with any questions

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